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-Niche for Urns

-Single Interment Plots

-Double Interment Plots

-Multiple Single Interment Plots

-Multiple Double Interment Plots

-Merchandise(opening and closing, vases, vaults, headstones)




Full Inventory List Below

(Price List is Available on Desktop or tablets only, limited view on mobile phones)

Hawaiian Memorial Park Plots Inventory


At Hawaii Plots, we offer the most exclusive Hawaiian Memorial Park plots. We want to make sure you're getting the best selection available, that's why we include our full inventory list below. Not only do we offer single, double, and multiple interment plots, but we can give you access to merchandise as well. To find the best Hawaiian Memorial Park plots, look below at our full inventory list. 

Multiple Single Interment

#1. Hawaiian Memorial Cemetery 
Garden of Mount Calvary
Double Interment 2 casket or 4 urn

Retail Price $13,200

Our Price $8,500 Each




Centrally located in the middle of Hawaiian Memorial Cemetery.


"Special of the Month"


We can save you $$$ off retail prices.  Please look at "Hawaii Plot Prices Per Plot" column to see our prices for you.

Hawaiian Memorial Park Plots Inventory List

Our Inventory changes weekly so please call 808-375-8311 to get our full inventory list for Hawaiian Memorial Park plots.

We can also save you 25% off cemetery merchandise (opening and closing, vaults, vases, headstones) Please give us a call for more exclusive Hawaiian Memorial Park plots.

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